June Brides ~ Fifty Year Perspective

In a patriotic theme, we’ll wrap up our ‘Bride’ series with a gem from the Love Stories archive: Gretchen’s grandparents’ love story, now 50 years and counting! ~Lanier

Instead of a wedding ceremony on a sunny Saturday in June, ours was on a rainy Wednesday night in January; but it was not lacking in love and joy…

brink1The Newlyweds in 1954

read the rest here:
“You’re in the Army Now!”

Jessica and Bill celebrate 50 years of marriage in 2004


  1. oh my this was such a beautiful wonderful story of their love for each other..Thank you Gretchen for such a wonderful tale of your grandparent’s journey! my grandparents too were married for almost 50 years now!! amazing, isn’t it?
    thank you for showing me that TRUE LOVE is so worth the wait, i love all these wedding issues that were posted last month 🙂


    May God richly bless your grandparents for many more years to come!


    In His Love, Jane

  2. Thank you for those beautiful posts. I also get married on a snowy day in January, four years ago. I hope it will last fifty years or more, like Gretchen’s grandparents. I’m so happy for now…
    I do apologize for my bad english. I’m French and try to do my best… but I must make a lot of mistakes in spite of this.

    Best wishes to those who celebrate a wedding anniversary and God bless you all.

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