There’s nothing like watching two people in love to make old married couples fall in love all over again.  The pure bliss of a newly-wed couple is contagious.  But sometimes, it is downright convicting, too!

The other day, a few happy sentences in a friend’s blog post left me reflecting upon my own marriage.  Do I still sound that happy when I talk about my husband?  Do I still act like the delighted newlywed she does?  How did I, somewhere in the diapers and nursing, lose the habit of always running to meet my husband at the door?  In training my daughter to be a bundle of excitement at Daddy’s arrival, when did I forget to vie for his first kiss of greeting?

garretmelindaWe’ve committed to being on a perpetual honeymoon here in our little home.  But when we get to feeling more like exhausted parents than a couple on our first date, we’re thankful for other newlyweds who remind us of all the goofy, passionate, and purposeful ways we honeymooners are supposed to be acting!

“One of the things I love most about being married is that there is a whole new realm of ways to glorify God. When I seek to please my husband, God is pleased. When I drop what I’m doing and meet my husband at the door, God is pleased. When I make my husband’s lunch and tuck in a love note written on the napkin, God is pleased. When I do any number of married-people things with the right attitude, God is pleased and glorified. How awesome is that?”

-Melinda (Lavorante) Meuser

photo of newlyweds Garret & Melinda Meuser by Clara Hajda

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