It was a feast for a booklover’s eyes. Row after row of bookshelves over ten feet tall, filled with old books. And not just old books–antiques, first editions, hardcovers.

I could have spent a week there. But alas, Merritt and I had a plane to catch the next morning. And somehow it didn’t seem his parents would understand if we didn’t show up for work because we were stranded in a Nebraska bookstore.

We were exploring all the book and antique shops in the Old Market section of Omaha. And we found treasures untold at Jackson Street Booksellers. A Dr. Seuss book Merritt didn’t have yet, another original Sugar Creek Gang book for my collection. A gorgeous Boy’s Story of Lindbergh. A compilation of Booth Tarkington’s Penrod stories for Merritt. An original Raggedy Andy Stories to go with my Wooden Willie book (now I just need an old copy of Raggedy Ann Stories to complete that set). An adorable Little Folk’s Ettiquette. And a new copy of A Treasury of Dick and Jane (since the originals are so hard to find, and beyond our budget even if we did see them!).

We spent the whole afternoon wishing Phillip and Lanier were with us. After a delicious Italian dinner with them the night before, a day of bookshopping would have topped off our visit. Lanier would have spotted the Gene Stratton Porter books at the same time we did. And I know she would have shown us some “new” old authors to try.

But maybe someday, they can take us to their favorite book shops in Georgia. Everything’s just a bit older back there. Not quite as many “old” things made it out here on covered wagon. We have our share of good used book stores (though my favorite has now changed hands and become just another used book store), and of course there are some very cute antique shops (especially here in my corner of the world). I’m sure we have more first edition Zane Grey and Rex Beach books than they do back East. But I’ve only ever seen two copies of St. Elmo out here, and never an original Elsie Dinsmore.

That’s okay. I’m a farm girl. I love Mission style furniture and old Western novels. And I can always visit the old South in a good book…


  1. Oh, I love your post, Gretchen – and book-hunting is one of my favourite pasttimes!!!!! Sounds like a wonderful time….


  2. Ahh,
    I adore old books. We too have that new treasury of Dick And Jane. I am using it to teach my little sister to read. It looks like you had a succesful trip!

  3. Ah, Gret, how dearly we’d have savored the thrill of the hunt with y’all…
    But I have to believe we’ll see some book shopping together someday this side of heaven! 😉

  4. I’m so jealous!! I wish I could’ve spent an afternoon between the shelves of lovely old books. I missed your writings on books…can’t wait to read more…

  5. Books – how fun and lovely! It sounds as if you had a good time shopping (one never has ‘enough’ time in a good used book store, in my oppinion!). I SO enjoy shopping in good used book stores too!

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