The Fettered

Trudging, weighed down, through deep, clinging mire.
Aching legs, sore feet.
Shoulders bent with the heavy load.
Bondage, to a lifestyle thought wanted,
Thought beautiful,
Turned ugly.

Stopped, by one without a load.
You don’t need to carry this. Drop it.

Lasting Love

It is my firmly held belief that each spouse in every marriage ought to perpetually have on his or her nightstand a good book on the topic of marriage. This is not to say, exactly, that John and I are both devouring a new marriage book every day, nor that my primary reading is necessarily…

Marriage Is Not My Highest Calling

I believe strongly and wholeheartedly in solid, godly marriages. Marriage is an awe-inspiring, truly blissful thing and something to be lauded and heralded as the God-ordained institution it is. We are people created for marriage and, once married, we should strive daily, at every possible opportunity to encourage each other toward even stronger, even holier marriages. But marriage is…

Be Still

It had been “one of those” mornings.It was the middle of December–Christmastime. Things were crazy. Everything from the past two months seemed to have hit me that day–my newborn, my husband’s surgery, a trip to Colorado, Christmas preparations, and a deployment date looming in the near future. This particular day was filled with a million…

The End.

The End.