The Beginning of Real Love


I’m not his wife yet, but now is a precious time of “playing wife” before it really matters. I do these little things and laugh inside knowing that these are dim, small things in comparison to the opportunities I’ll have when we’re married, living life day in and day out on the easy days and the hard days. The Lord is using this time to teach me the weaknesses in my love for him.  I can start, with His power, working on them, whittling away at my selfish heart.

And let me tell you, there’s nothing more special in the entire world than seeing him modeling this for me.

It’s neat to see the Lord begin to establish a foundation for us. He’ll carefully build the foundation, and as our years together go by, build the walls, the roof, and furnishings. These days are just the beginning of something huge, something that is in God’s plan, something that will, I hope, bring great, great glory to Him.

And may I never, ever stop taking great pleasure in loving this man with my actions.

Photo by Laura J. Wright


  1. Congratulations! It was great to read this as i am currently in a relationship with my boyfriend coming up 2 years (next sunday actually!) and aching to marry him! but he is yet to propose to me 🙁 Ive come to realise though that it will be in the lords perfect timing that he does propose and in the meantime the lord is building a strong foundation for us and preparing us… and this is invaluable! so i am trying to be patient and cherish this precious time we have together whilst we are in the beginning stages of love!

  2. Wow, I could have written this!! It is an exact echo of what I have been feeling lately. It is so, so beautiful to me to begin to learn what it will be like to me married to my love. In two months we will be husband and wife, and the realization of that gets more beautiful every day. He and I have been going through some marriage studies on the biblical picture of marriage. I would totally recommend When Sinners Say I Do. The more I learn of God’s picture of marriage the more excited I am that I will get to participate in this great adventure with my best friend. What an amazing God we have, He has blessed me so much! I don’t regret any of the years of singleness and waiting. They were all preparation of the new life we will begin together as one! 🙂

  3. I really enjoyed this post. It helped me realize how lucky I also am, in a similar position! I’m so worried about what I’m/We are doing wrong I forget to feel how lucky we are to have each other and be so in love!

  4. Cherith: now’s a great time to be preparing! I am single as ever, but I find alot of pleasure in praying for my husband, and (ssshh!) I’ve even written him a letter or two. Mostly though, I think that we are preparing the best as we deepen our walk with Jesus. Because we can only give to others to the extent that we have received from God.

  5. Congratulations as you begin your journey of love and marriage!

    I, too, am so grateful for a husband who models real love to me truly as Christ loves the Church, pouring out grace and forgiveness when I deserve it the least. It’s a beautiful thing. I never knew it was possible to love somebody so deeply and to be so full of admiration and respect for a human being! Continue to always take great pleasure in it!

  6. Beautifully said, and so very true. The best is yet to be! 🙂

  7. aaww how sweet. I’d love to be in your shoes preparing to be someone’s wife. lol in His time.

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