by Hännah Schlaudt

A life in time demands limitation,
A choice of one good over another.
So many words to read, words you must know.
Pick now; tomorrow is no surety.
Which words shall I read, and dwell with now?
Stacked around me, my books are tower’d walls
Insulation from thoughts my own (flattened
By one-angle sight). Useful? Is that all we
Measure this endeavor by? We are lost
If the mad press of time and standards
Strangle the pure delight of stories; worlds
Tumbling open for eager minds and hearts
Hungry for revelation, glory loose
In Adam’s inheritance; steward this.

Hännah Schlaudt, Junior Editor of Quad Magazine, is learning that the King likes to laugh.


  1. Great quote! Reading great quates, poetry, and articals on godly living are my favroite things about YLCF.

  2. This was nice, thanks for sharing..very deep.


  3. Amazing! This is real poetry, and I love it!

    “Hungry for revelation, glory loose
    In Adam’s inheritance; steward this.”

    Sweet. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Excellent, excellent quote. Sometimes I take a look at those vast bookshelves of mine and I can only say: “There isn’t enough time!” Factor in all those great books which aren’t in my bookshelf, and the tragedy is heightened. Am I crazy for hoping that there’s a cozy library somewhere up in Heaven, and an eternity to catch up on all that reading? 🙂

    Realistically, of course, the Vision of God will satisfy all those yearnings. All beauty, knowledge, and joy in books is just a tiny, tiny glimpse of Him.

    But while my life lasts, I’ll be keeping a set of pages bound between battered covers in my hand. 🙂

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