November is for Gratitude

It’s November. For my corner of the globe, that means autumn is making its last hurrah. The last tints of orange are glowing on the trees, and  the final harvest is being made. The nights are getting cold now. Twenty-fourteen is wrapping up and settling down to play out its last few moments before it quietly slips away and a new year takes the stage.

November for me is all about slowing down. It’s all about wrapping up loose ends, and tying up the bits and pieces of another golden summer. It’s about taking time to pause, to breathe in deep, and remember for a little while everything that went in to the year. November is for bringing out a magnifying glass and putting it on “Gratitude”. I don’t want a year to go by that I don’t take time out to truly be grateful for what I’ve been given every single day.

November is the month that I can refocus a little. It’s when I remind myself of all the reasons I have to believe that gratitude will change your life. It’s when I go back and renew my commitment to being intentional about making thanksgiving a part of every single day of my year–not just the days in November. It’s when I open up my heart and make it a priority to publicly share the ways God has been good to me and my family this year. Life isn’t always beautiful, but we can always find something beautiful that’s worth being grateful for.

So it’s November. I’m sipping some tea and watching the sun glint on the golden leaves. And I’m thanking God for this year. This beautiful, hard, but amazing year. And I’m once again in awe of how much I’ve been blessed and how much I still take for granted.

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As we wrap up another summer here at Kindred Grace, and as the holiday season officially begins, give yourself a little time to pause, be grateful, and to share with others.

Comment and share with us? We’d love to hear some of your reasons for giving thanks this year!

A little bouquet of gratitude for you:

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  1. “I’m once again in awe of how much I’ve been blessed and how much I still take for granted.” Amen. The “big” thing that I’m grateful for this year is finishing my degree. The “little” things are without number. Sometime I take them all for granted and sometimes the goodness of God in the detail of blessings He pours into my life is overwhelming and the only response is gratitude.

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