“Great Things He Has Done…”

GreaThings 2011There’s a little tradition that happens each November, and I think you should know about it too. It is called GreaThings and it is one of my favorite parts of blogging in November!

For the two weeks preceding American Thanksgiving day, a small group of friends join together to take a look over the year that has just past and thank God for some of the blessings — the “great things” — that He has done and is doing in each one of our lives. It is a perfect opportunity to put life into the perspective of gratitude, and to identify our blessings…even the ones that looked like raindrops.

I love reading and sharing about all the great things in the year. It is inspiring and encouraging and such a good way to keep a thankful heart. Sometimes during the next year, I go back and re-read the posts that were written during the past GreaThings, and remember that He is very faithful.

This year, I’m  excited to be hosting GreaThings 2011 on my blog again. Starting on November 10th, I’ll be writing about some of the highlights and blessings of my year, and several others are going to be sharing their links in the link up at the end of each post, and I’d like to invite you to join me!

You can blog, comment, tweet (tweet the #GreaThings tag so we can read along!) or even email me the reasons you have to be thankful this year, and about the things that you recognize as being some of the “great things that He has done” in your life. It is easy and you don’t have to be an American or celebrating Thanksgiving Day to take part. Go read the introduction post to find out more about it.

Abigail Westbrook, the graphic designer that has created most of our graphics here on YLCF, is the original host of GreaThings, and has kindly created two beautiful graphics for us to use this November. One is the banner you see here in this post, and the other is a free calendar image that you can set as your desktop background. You can download both on my blog.

I am looking forward to sharing our blessings together, and filling the bloggy world with a whole lot of thankfulness in these next few weeks as we celebrate the great things that God has done for each of us. Even if you can’t join us each day at my blog, be sure to check back here on YLCF later this month!  I’ll be collecting excerpts and linking back to some of the GreaThings posts with some of my favorite Thanksgiving quotes in a final post here at YLCF on Thanksgiving day. See you then!

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