Empty Arms




emptyarmsI dreamed of the day I’d hold you,
Close to my mama-heart.
I knew how much I loved you,
Right from the very start.

I could almost see your tiny face,
Those sweet baby eyes
Looking up at mine-
Your little angel eyes.

I almost knew your voice,
Even though I never heard your cry
It was like music to my heart,
Like only a mama would know inside.

I  nearly saw your smile,
And I loved you more each day
And counted down the minutes
Till I’d bring you home to stay.

Each night before I went to sleep,
I’d kneel and pray for you,
And sing softly the songs I loved
I knew you’d love them too.

But my arms are empty still.
I still long to hold you to my heart.
God took you Home, little one
But I’ll always carry you in my heart.

God knows each Mama’s heart.
He knows their secret tears.
He understands their aching arms
And the pain that will be there through the years.

He sees the faded dreams
The broken hope that lies
Waiting to live again,
Someday by and by.
He heals the broken hearts,
He wipes the tears away
God will give back our litttle ones
And fill our empty arms someday.



  1. *What a BEAUTIFUL poem, Chantel*
    That picture of Ashleigh and Troy is perfect for the poem! Thank you for sharing your gift of poetry with us; it has really blessed me today.

  2. Dear Chantel,

    Your poem touched my heart and rekindled an ache in me to hold a baby again. I lost a precious 3 month old baby boy to SIDS almost two years ago.

    Your poem is beautiful. I felt for you in your loss, too. But praise God we have a hope – such a hope!



  3. AWWW!! What a sweet poem!

    It reminds of what our pastor said: God never makes mistakes.

    What He does is always for our good, even though we may not be able to see that right in the midst of our trying situation.


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