A Young Woman After God’s Own Heart

As a single young woman, one of the things God has laid on my heart is to reach out to younger girls who want to grow spiritually. God has opened doors in amazing ways, and over the last couple of years I’ve been in a position to really invest in the lives of several teenage girls. Last year I was able to lead a group through Elizabeth George’s book A Young Woman after God’s Own Heart.

Written in a chatty, down-to-earth style, this book is not only enjoyable, but solidly Biblical. The girls in my group were from very diverse backgrounds–from broken homes to homeschool Christian families–but all were able to relate the issues raised.  Mrs. George does a great job of tackling problems head-on, and she uses lots of Scripture, which I really appreciate. It’s also  a pretty and “girly” looking book, which is always a plus.

Some of the topics addressed are: Pursuing God (prayer, Bible reading and personal devotions, obedience), submission, loving others, family relationships, honoring parents, interacting with peers, growing, serving, and purity. Each chapter has a “Bible study” section at the end, and I had my girls look up verses, fill in answers, and discuss the questions with the group. It was even good for the girls who were not saved — it made some of them think seriously about real-life issues — and those who were Christians were able to go much deeper and get a lot out of it. While it’s geared to a younger group (probably ages 12-16), it’s a great resource for any of us who are in some kind of discipleship/ministry position with teenage girls. I recommend it.


  1. Hello hello! Just wondering do you recomend this book for an 18 years old girl? Is me!! Well I was looking this in the web but I can’t find a link for a free version is a bummer because I WANT TO READ IT SO MUCH! In home my mother have the adult version but I havent read it because talk about child, home, husband and is not my topic! And I would love if you could give me some link or a web page where I can read it. God bless you! Bye

  2. It’s so neat that you shared this book–in a c0uple weeks, I’m leading our youth group girls at church through it. 🙂 I read it when I was 16, and was so incredibly blessed by it. So glad to see I’m not the only one who was. I highly recommend girls of any age to read it. 😉

  3. I actually found this book while my mom, sister, and I were out and about yesterday. I didn’t pick it up though (bummer). This looks and sounds like a really, really good book.

    I’m all for books that include these topics, I’ll have to read it some time.

    Thank you for the review, I’ve been wondering if the book was appropriate or not.

    In His unfailing love,
    Ali Ann

  4. I work at a Christian Inn/Conference Center during the summer and 3 summers ago they had all us girls read that book, it was such a blessing, it was an awesome read! They also had the guys read a young man after God’s own heart! I love the George’s!

  5. I have loved Elizabeth George’s books for a while. This was actually one of the last books I picked up by her from her A Young Woman series. It was definitely a good read. I can totally see it fitting perfectly into the setting you describe. I got a lot out of it reading it individually.

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