The History of Kindred Grace

The history of Kindred Grace goes back more than two decades and through several changes in name and focus. As a matter of fact, our founder Gretchen Louise, can trace our history back to a time when she was just seven years old! She and her cousin started a club for girls, affectionately dubbed “The Purry Kittens” and she never looked back.

From that day in 1991, Gretchen and her cousins and friends added to their group through a series of newsletters, and eventually, in 1997, transitioned into an all-in-one newsletter called Young Ladies Christian Fellowship. There were thirty subscribers at this time. Young Ladies Christian Fellowship (or YLCF) blossomed into a thriving community for Christian girls and, in 1998, leapt into the modern era by moving online.

In time, new writers were added to the team and the community changed and grew. In 2011, they celebrated twenty years of writing and connecting and, in 2013, the name was changed a final time to reflect the focus the site had taken: that of the kindred celebration of grace.

Kindred Grace has become a place for women of all ages to bond over the gracious God they know, serve and love. And despite all the changes through the years, Kindred Grace continues to be a place of quality writing, precious community, and an unabashed focus on Jesus Christ.

-Caroline Kraft
Kindred Grace author since 2011


a collage of our logos through the years

a few of our logos through the years