Can you see us?

We’re here at the all-new  Can you see us?  We can see you!

I’m loving the option of creating a “Child Theme” in WordPress, instead of editing all the other theme files.  I’m grateful for forums where others have supplied coded solutions that I can cut and paste, so I can get by without any PHP knowledge.  I’m thrilled to discover FireBug, so I can inspect every little element of related code that I want–and even tweak it–without ever leaving the best browser ever, FireFox.  And I don’t know where I’d be without htaccess redirects (though they’re still not all working–but we’re working on that I think they’re all working now!) and handy-dandy WordPress plugins that make life even easier.

Most of all, I’m thankful for friends who provide feedback, inspiration, help, and encouragement along the way.  And for two wonderfully patient husbands who fed and bathed children last night while their wives exchanged dozens of “how does it look?” emails (Ashleigh was putting the finishing touches on the logo as I made the site switch).

Gretchen Louise
I'm a farmer's wife and mommy to our three curly-haired children. I love words and The Word. I write in CSS, HTML, PHP—and English. I collect old books, vintage kitchenware, cute aprons, and dark chocolate.
Gretchen Louise


follower of Jesus, wife to my farmer, mommy of three, connoisseur of words & code, community leader at @KindredGrace, blogger at @Adornabelle & @INWCW
Giving the Gift of Understanding in Relationships by @TrinaHolden via @KindredGrace - 3 days ago
Gretchen Louise
Gretchen Louise

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conversations between sisters in Christ

  1. anne says

    I just recently found this website and I’m so glad I did! I’ve been blessed and encouraged already! The new look is great and the picture so sweet!

    Wow! Y’all have a lot of courtship stories…I even saw recognized a few of the couples!

  2. Cora Bornemann says

    I find such encouragement from your website and just want to thank you for all that you do to keep it running smoothly and beautifully! I love your new picture and have linked to your site from my new blog.

  3. says

    Ladies, the new site look is simple and elegant, and the logo is absolutely beautiful! I love it. Also, I’m finding commenting easier now, which I appreciate. Great job!!

  4. Anna09 says

    Hi! I’ve been following you ladies on your RSS feed, and wondered why it suddenly went back 7 or 8 posts… Now I know!

    What I like about the new website look is that it doesn’t look extremely different, but it is still different. The elements of the familiar and the new mesh beautifully.

    • Gretchen Acheson says

      Sorry about all the duplicate RSS entries. Not sure exactly how that happened, but considering the problems I was having getting the feed to forward, it’s no wonder. :)

  5. Naomi says

    Hello YLCF gals,

    Just wanted to say that I love the new look. Updated and modernised but still retaining the innocence and purity of Christ-like maidenhood that has made this website so wonderful.

    The YLCF has been a constant source of encouragement and inspiration ever since God called me back to Him and set me on the narrow way — so just wanted to use this opportunity to say THANK YOU to all of you who have contributed your time and effort to maintaining this website for so long, from the team to one-time article contributers. May God bless you for the blood, sweat and tears that have gone into this portal of love.

    I wish that I could meet some of you in person. Perhaps this may never happen (for one thing I’m in London, England!) but I am content to share in your joys and sorrows through cyberspace.

    With love and gratitude,

  6. says

    It looks very nice, Gretchen. I am sure it took a lot of work. I am switching my ministry blog from Blogger to WordPress. I got the idea from you! I am starting to like WordPress better!!! All looks well on your site!!!

  7. Arleen says

    Your new logo is beautiful ….and the wordpress theme is so contemporary and fresh! Y’all did a great job.

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